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--//-- Honestly among my favourite albums of all time, the rhythms are insane, the vocals are fantastic and the guitar playing blows my mind. Beyond lucky to have been able to open for them but even luckier to get to watch them perform. Favorite track: mice in movies.
Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack
Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack thumbnail
Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack gorgeous dissonance. relatable because my life is also dumb and i am, indeed, a dumb boy Favorite track: marescape.
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casimir frederic coquette kaplan - guitar vocals
andrew miller - bass
evan magoni - drums

music by kaplan and boy friends
words by kaplan
recording by magoni and boy friends

art by higu

released on Stack Your Roster


released September 9, 2016


all rights reserved



BOY FRIENDS Montreal, Québec


you can find our old music at

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Track Name: marescape
up on the roof we were nearly
visible to helicopters
when i look out over downtown
i understand helicopters'

space in relief-painted letters
bleachy white wind-tattered faces
leveled out time set in flat plots
pulled from the floor into order

pull yourself away and be master of all you survey

carpeted steps in the stairwell
wet footprints fade by the landing
we only let ourselves think
we are the ones who replace things

i am from time and it's early
12:49 on a sunday
my life is dumb i'm a dumb boy
this simple truth will belong here

let's go to the park let's go watch the blinding clouds be what they are
Track Name: to dream of plant
trace my way by memory to my machine
out pours coffee fresh as mud and cools my tongue
and that's the last of it
like the alley's fetid breath thru the window

could it all be simple as it doesn't seem
not to feel like anyone you would want
but that's not the half of it

little thing regal thing
dense against bigger thing
can you taste dinner on dirty glass?

my right leg shakes in a manner all its own
my strong voice breaks like it's on the radio
and that's the last of it
the vegetable withers in the fridge
Track Name: the veldt
stood by the window
open in winter
your breath like eye drops as
we danced the fridge loose

shapely as shadows
words fall from my teeth
our friends are near us but
grow flat and prideful

jar full of cinders
empty on the sill
new patch of light on the
swept kitchen tile

it seems more healthy
not to throw parties
it seems more healthy to
get out of the house

afternoon is open wide
horizontal in the sunlight
plans are formed and ignored to make breakfast

in the whirr of weekend sleep
i can dream of being younger
to forget is a state of sharp focus
a bright white light in the bathroom

i'm a seed fell from a tree
grown to build a great big sail
i descend just the way i'd imagined

patient as a whirligig
over not above the ground
traded choice in exchange for perspective
and took the risk of beholding
Track Name: it's scary here under the map
your mistress of apples hands you the knife
your choice is whether to live or survive
clever corner towers with slender spires
crooked frames in hiding between black wires

shiver at the beads crawling thru your wounds
kiss your sword for moisture this cloudbreak thru
traffic halos round the fox in the fog
ghostless curtains rustle and draw you out

breathe after me so i know you're not surprised
when i meet you in the street where the meeting is so nice
and i ate before i came so i am swimming in this light
as i sing to the dogs and teach the birds to befriend mice

this is real rain, fingerlike

breathe to your left cause i'm walking on your right
there's a man in the street and i'm scared he wants to fight
if we walk straight ahead and keep our nostrils folded tight...

your distrust of weather hands you a life
your choice is whether to live or survive
something in your pocket begins to shine
life is not the tyranny of punchlines
Track Name: footfall
i love you more each hour as long as the days of these months
i could be brave if only i were healthy rested and strong
i have not once felt comfortable falling asleep in a chair
but we will read on by sunlight and keep our warren for rabbits

we will eat bread drink coffee and set our trap for the morning
i will sit still and promise myself i'll hate california
i dreamed our walls looked infinite papered over with pushpins
i need my friends like seats on the bus at 2 in the morning

i could be someone other than whomever i've been lately
everything's up to simply inventing another reason
i am assured whenever i die i'll be well-remembered
but how is it not important to do everything the right way?

shattered on the bedroom floor
glass of water warm with salt
berry bowers in relief
the house sleeps on
Track Name: mice in movies
the mouse
that crawled across
the kitchen floor
must be blind
he's not
or graceful as in
a film

i must
not look so tall
across the fathoms
of tile
if he
could hear me breathe
would he raise his nose
to me?

my friend mouse friend
growing big on barefoot sweepings
what else could he be eating?

he wandered out from under the fridge
giggling just like a child
what else could he be watching?

an accidental offering of broccoli upon the floor
has escaped his attention
what else could he be wanting?

he disappeared under the fridge
and we haven't seen him again
where else could he be going?

you are
full of my ghost
to feel so alone
with me
could i
keep you a home
in a jar below
the stove?

friendship is
one waits one
Track Name: desperation creeps
wee hours with the tree
with a purple fist

robot to my east
dream my dream to me
love his crevices

call my ghostly friends
let the right ghosts in
the world can end again

blew a bubble stepped inside
mirrored corners bent my spine
war's on magic versus man's
purblind proffered falling hand

wee hours with the tree
creeping from the mist

rising from the street
as nightmare city sleeps
on the tongues of kids

carried on the breeze
hardened in the sea
ghosts of enmity
the desperation creeps
Track Name: ancestral
like a wheel i roll over stones and grow teeth
sweep the treasure that lined the pockets of dull ghosts

once i was like the patient creatures on the eaves
til i felt the horizon flatten at my step

at the edge of the continent
i found the grave of an alien
i made my home in it
my friends can climb the tree at the top of it

the snow fell on top of it
until it lapped the lips over the riverbed
the water flowed to it
until it slept thru the trees that grew in it

perched atop my cornice now i watch them appear
lick my lips like i am a sneaker in the snow
Track Name: spider's nest
if i ever try i'll remember you
cause even once we fled the aisles
you still could feel your heart crack up
to hear me crying across those stairs

and that dread mirage of footsteps hangs
in all dead space like on our tapes
so hungry for light i remember then
we had you dancing dancing in your sleep

my snide smugness is so complete
that to move unseen i'll say thanks and please
now i've reduced craving to urge
i find myself missing them both

and i thought this time walking west on pine
that i'll never escape the northeast that i'm stuck with this climate
with the sun beneath i cross the street
the horizon pivots i disappear

now i see myself in the tumult of my environment
and your face darkens with fresh blood

some things i've seen i'll never know
cause language forms habits of thought
like every pet i've ever had
laid down and died when i wasn't home

but that nightmare makes so much more sense
now that i know what happened then
where was there to walk away to
that wouldn't lead to a spider's nest?
Track Name: metronom
morning sun on paving stones
pinprick glitter thru the fog
pockets full of empty hands
posture slowly bleeding out
of my cheeks
now it's dead
my public dream

night falls even underground
underneath the empty schools
stiff white lights stare into space
glyphic heart and runic face
he is me
now it's mine
his cartoon distress

the unit of life's activity is the day
but the unit of experience is the week
and memory to this measurement
is the observable universe to a mile

hum and tap the banister
shadows cast in murmured spells
nerves will rust straight thru the skin
escalator isn't fixed

balconies and awnings loom
brise soleil over the street
screaming in the drowning shade

this looks like
curtains from the cheap seats

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